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Construction projects require photography documentation for a variety of reasons including:


  • Existing condition (stills and video)

  • Progress photos

  • Marketing images 

  • ​Special events (Topping Out, Concrete pours)

  • Eyes on site for those who cannot be onsite

  • Final project 


Safety and accurate representation are always of utmost important when documenting construction sites. Please advise to any safety requirements your job demands. We are happy to accomodate. 


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​Real estate listings have become quite competitive over the years as quality photography has become more of the standard than the excpetion for residential homes. Wide-angle lenses, an eye-pleasing combination of natural and supplemental lighting, and proper vantage points become crucial in selling your home before buyers even step foot in your doorway.


Each Realtor has a style they communicate through their listings. Please inform us of any specific requests you might have to best showcase not only the home but your brand as an agent.


​The end use of a headshot is very important in how we setup, light, and pose you - the subject. Individuals getting a headshot of just themselves might require a variety of outifts, poses, and backgrounds. A staff of team members will need a setup that accommodates the differences of individuals but delivers a cohesive look when displayed together. The styles can include, but are not limited to:


  • Basic backdrops

  • Environmental

  • Background replacement

  • Group shots of staff


There are many variations for headshots that we can accomodate so please communicate with us how these images will be used so we can best recommend your options or brainstorm something new.


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Exteriors of buildings can be about the structure on its own, as an element in its surroundings, ​or the details in the lines. Depending on the building, all three might be incorporated in your shoot or you might just need a single front elevation shot. 


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Interiors present a variety of opportunity from an interior designer's cozy vignette to a construction company's buildout of a multi-use workspace. Capturing the intent of the project comes first from your company's role and then from how the space lends itself to be photographed. 


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